»Dr. Strauss at Wanamaker’s. A Vast Throng of Guests Hears an Orchestral Concert Under His Direction and Other Music«
in: New York Times, Bd. 16.937, Jg. 53, Sonntag, 17. April 1904, S. 7

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Dr. Strauss At Wanamaker’s.
A Vast Throng of Guests Hears an Orchestral Concert Under His Direction an Other Music.

They do things sumptuously at the Wanamaker store. The friends and patrons of that establishment were entertained last evening at a »Post-Easter invitation concert« at which Dr. Richard Strauss and Mme. Strauss de Ahna appeared, Dr. Strauss conducting the [Wetzler] orchestra of 100 musicians in his own compositions. It was the first of two such concerts, the second to be given to-morrow [sic] evening. In addition to this there were supplementary concerts given later at various points in the great building.

There was, of course, an eager desire on the part of many people to hear the great German composer conduct his own compositions, and though there were fully 5.000 people accommodated at the concerts last evening, there were many applicants for seats who had to be refused, and every inch of space was occupied, many people standing. The orchestral concert was given on the fourth floor, the entire west end of which was thrown open. The orchestra was placed in the middle of the Broadway side. There were decorations of palms and flags. The programme of the Strauss concert was as follows:

»Don Juan,« tone poemStrauss
Conducted by the composer.

»Muttertandelei [sic]«Strauss
Mme. Strauss-de Alma [sic]
Overture, »Leonore,« No. IIIBeethoven
Conducted by Hermann Hans Wetzler.

»Cacilie [sic]«
Mme. Strauss-de Alma [sic]

»Till Eulenspiegel«Strauss
conducted by the composer.

The songs, which were originally written with piano accompaniment, were all given with accompaniment for orchestra, directed by Dr. Strauss. Mme. Strauss-de Alma [sic] being recalled, graciously repeated the »Cäcilie.« These, as well as the orchestral pieces, secured the close attention of the great audience, and this remarkable entertainment was no doubt the means of first introducing the music of Dr. Strauss to many people of New York now, as his visit to this country is drawing to a close, or these two concerts are to be his last appearances in this city. Dr. Strauss conducted with all his authority and mastery of detail, and the orchestra, having played frequently under his direction at his previous concerts, responded to his wishes.

The orchestral concert was finished before 10 o’clock. At about 10:30 the series of supplementary concerts was begun. Mrs. Shanna Cummings, soprano, gave a song recital, to the accompaniment of Mr. Walter Crippen; a vocal quartet, consisting of Mrs. Beatrice Fine, Miss Bessie Bonsall, Mr. Edward Johnson, and Mr. Frederick Wheeler, with Mr. André Benoist as accompanist, presented a programme of quartets and solos; the Vienna Artists’ Quartet played a series of instrumental selections, and Mr. Ferdinand Himmelreich, pianist, gave a recital of pieces by Mendelssohn, Chopin, and himself. After the music was finished refreshments were served to the guests on the fifth floor.

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