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in: The Musical Times and Singing-Class Circular, Jg. 44, Heft 722, Mittwoch, 1. April 1903, Rubrik »Music in Birmingham«, S. 258

relevant für die veröffentlichten Bände: III/5 Don Juan


The third and last of the orchestral concerts promoted by Messrs. Stockley and Sabin took place in the Town Hall on the 16th ult., when the Queen’s Hall orchestra from London played in Birmingham for the first time. Mr. Henry J. Wood had a most cordial reception, and his inspiriting conducting secured a magnificent performance of Tschaïkovsky’s Fifth Symphony (Op. 64). Other pieces were Beethoven’s »Coriolan« Overture, Richard Strauss’s »Don Juan,« finely played, and Liszt’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody, with the sensational effects of the new scoring. Madame Sobrino gave a fine rendering of an air from Tschaïkovsky’s »Joan of Arc,« and was brilliant in the »Jewel Song« from »Faust.« The band accompaniments were absolute perfection.


verantwortlich für die Edition dieses Dokuments: Stefan Schenk


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